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Disposable Coverall

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Microporous Coveralls Type 4 5 6

These Microporous Type 4/5/6 Coveralls are made from highly breathable material providing added comfort my minimising heat and moisture retention. Coveralls with 4/5/6 micro-porous layers are rated for higher levels of protection than those with 3/4/5 micro-porous layers. They are also more expensive. Microporous coveralls meet type 4-6 protection standards and provide good protection for biological hazardous contamination.

65gsm non woven polypropylene

Excellent comfort and breathability

Good strength and protection

Lightweight and economical

Elastic cuffs, hood and ankles

Zip cover flap

HACCP certified

Type 4 - EN 14605:2005 Barrier to liquid sprays or splashes

Type 5 - EN ISO13982-1:2004 Barrier to airbourne solid particulates and dusts

Tpye 6 - EN ISO13034:2005 Barrier to limited liquid splash and sprays

EN1149-5 - Anti-static

EN 1073-2:2002 - Protection against radioactive particulate contamination

EN 14126:2003 - Protection against biological hazards and infective agents

Available Sizes:  M    L    XL    XXL    XXXL

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