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How to Choose Disposable Glove?

There are many kinds of disposable gloves on the market, the most common ones are nitrile, latex, vinyl and PE. Each glove has its most suitable use. So, what should be considered when choosing disposable glove?

Generally speaking, depending on the jobs by wearing disposable gloves. Flexibility, puncture resistance, frequency of use, and comfort need to be considered. At the same time, if you are allergic to latex, please choose other kinds of disposable gloves.

1. Nitrile Glove

Nitrile rubber made from a compound formula can be used to make the softest and most comfortable gloves. It can effectively provide protection against wear, grease and chemicals. If you are allergic to latex, nitrile glove is a good choice.

The characteristics of Nitrile Glove are:

-Can effectively resist chemicals, abrasion and grease.

-High flexibility and sensitivity.

-Made of non-latex, it provides an excellent latex substitute for allergy-prone people. -Many colors are available: blue, white, orange, purple, black. 

-Variety uses are available: general-purpose, sterile, and chemical-proof examination gloves.

-Various lengths are available: 9 inches, 12 inches and 16 inches. 

-Variety of surfaces to choose.

-With different thicknesses.

2. Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are formulated with the highest quality pure natural latex. It provides an incredible "second skin" fit. Latex is a renewable natural resource, more environmentally friendly, and extremely durable. If you are not allergic to latex, this glove is a good choice.

The characteristics of Latex Gloves are:

-Best fit and "second skin" feel

-Provides excellent barrier protection against viruses and pathogens

-Excellent sensitivity and flexibility

-Made of the highest quality natural latex

-It is an earth-friendly choice because it is a renewable natural resource

3. Vinyl Glove

Vinyl glove are made of pure polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and meet the highest protection standards. They are the most popular choice for catering and hotel services. Compared with nitrile and latex gloves, plastic gloves are more economical.

The characteristics of Vinyl Glove are:

-Easy to put on and take off

-More loose and comfortable

-Made of non-latex, it provides an excellent latex substitute for allergic people

-The most popular product in the hotel and catering industry

-Affordable and cost-effective

4. PE Gloves

PE gloves are made of high-purity raw polyethylene materials to ensure strength and barrier integrity. For frequently changing jobs, PE gloves are the most economical choice, providing protection for multiple uses and food handling applications.

-PE Disposable Glove Designed for low-risk and short-term applications

-Made with various PE, CPE and TPE film materials for "press and seal" technology -Embossed texture ensures a firm grip

-Economical choice for frequently changing jobs

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