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Haoxin new coverall factory

Hefei Haoxin new workshop for the coverall has been fully operation. By May 2020, here are more than 100 workers working in it, and the output of the coverall has increased to 12000 pcs per day.

The specialized lamination process of Microporous Coveralls allows maximum breathability while offering a high level of protection from varnishes, resins, fiberglass, paints and sanding dust.

The microporous coverall is designed to provide full body protection for multiple applications including automotive refinishing, waste management, remediation, and more. The coverall is made of a liquid-resistant film that is laminated to a fabric-like polypropylene lining to ensure safety against non-hazardous particles, light splashes, and aerosols. Their lightweight and comfortable properties allow them to be used in a variety of setting such as hospitals, food processing plants and general industrial applications. This coverall is the ultimate in full-body protection in applications such as below:

Abrasion resistant

Dry particulate protection

Chemical / Solvent Resistance - Moderate

Elasticized wrists, waist and ankles

Fluid resistant

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