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Nitrile Gloves

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Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are a safe and effective means of protecting your hands from contact with hazardous materials. Nitrile is chemically resistant to most chemicals and is used as a common material in many industries as it offers excellent protection from harsh chemicals and rough handling. It is also commonly used in food service operations as it is not permeable to moisture, which makes it an excellent barrier to keep food fresh. Nitrile gloves are commonly used for handling such things as cleaning equipment, disposing of trash, washing hands, and food preparation. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles to accommodate different tasks. Nitrile gloves tend to be more expensive than vinyl or latex gloves, but they offer great protection against chemicals and will help keep your hands safe and clean.


1.Nitrile gloves keep your hands away from liquids, oils, synovial fluid, gases and sharp objects.

2.Silicon-free, with certain antistatic properties, suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry.

3.Multi-functional applications including basic laboratory work or inspection, hair dyeing, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home decoration, handicrafts, etc.

4.It is comfortable to wear and will not cause skin tightness when worn for a long time. Conducive to blood circulation. Has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties.

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Stretchy Nitrile for Added Comfort and Durability

Powder Free

Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex

Textured for Better Wet or Dry Grip

1000 Gloves, Packed in 10 Boxes of 100 Gloves


100pcs/box, 10 box/carton

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