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Lab Coats

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Polyethylene Lab Coat

Disposable polyethylene lab coat is a type of lab coat that is designed to provide protection from harsh chemicals and other hazards associated with laboratory work. It is a lightweight, inexpensive, and easy-to-dispose-of alternative for those working in a lab setting.  They offer several benefits over traditional cotton lab coats such as increased protection against chemicals, splashes, spills and stains. They are also more comfortable and easy to clean than cotton lab coats due to their lightweight construction. A disposable lab coat is a must-have item for any scientist. This type of protective clothing helps prevent the build-up of pollutants and oils on your skin. It also provides excellent protection from splashes, spills, and other hazardous elements.

Color: White

Material: Polyethylene

Size: 105x135cm, 110x140cm, 115x137cm, 115x145cm, 120x150cm or as customers' request

Style: Press snap; Collar; Sleeves


10 pcs/polybag, 20 bags/carton   10x20

1 pcs/individual bag, 100 individual packs/carton  1x100

1 pcs/individual bag, 200 individual packs/carton  1x200

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