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Disposable Bouffant Cap

Features of Disposable Bouffant Cap:

1.Elasticated cap provides a proper fit

2.Soft and breathable for enhanced user comfort

3.Ideal for food preparation, medical use, and more

4.Adjustable soft thread elastic for comfort fittings, sonic sealing, attractive look, avoids escape of hair, dandruff and micro organisms during process 

Technical Specification of Disposable Bouffant Cap:

Disposable Bouffant Cap is made from spun bond polymer non-woven fabric, spunlace fabrics as the main raw material. This material is preferred for its light weight. Its gravity is lighter than Hydrophobic PP fibres so it has excellent water repellency and air permeability resulting in providing comfort & dryness resulting in anti bacterial and anti fungal resistance.

The Difference between Bouffant Caps and Hair Nets:

Bouffant caps differ from hair nets. Hair nets are made of nylon or polyester mesh material and are designed to stretch over the head and mat down the hair but if you look at one closely, you will notice a webbing effect. The webbing has openings or apetures which could inadvertently allow hair to pass through where as a bouffant cap is made from a layer of fabric free from apertures. Another difference between a hair net and bouffant cap is that a hair net is a little camoflouged when worn whereas a bouffant cap stands right out making it easier for compliance checks. Bouffant caps also present a clean look-n-feel to guests who might visit the plant for a tour.





The Disposable bouffant caps are available in many colours: White, light blue, green, red, yellow and surgical green. A standard package contains 10 packs, each one with 100 disposable caps. However, for customers' special needs, We also offer customized packages and private label products.

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