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Economics Disposable Microporous Protective Coverall

Disposable microporous protective Coveralls provide excellent liquid and particle barrier protection as well as excellent comfort, breathability and durability, and the cost is lower than most other competing products.

These white non-woven Coveralls are made of microporous polyethylene film bonded to spunbond polypropylene, with small holes that allow water vapor and sweat to pass through, but prevent large droplets/sprays and dry particles from entering, providing high Horizontal protection of varnish, resin, glass fiber, paint and sanding dust.



Microporous Coveralls are a good choice for Wet and Dry situations where barrier and repellency are needed. Protects against non-toxic liquid spray, dirt and dust.

Comfortable, soft and breathable. 

Save Money. Built in hood & boot, so you don't have to get separate shoe covers and head protection.

Use in:Ideal for Cleanrooms, medical, pharmaceutical, nontoxic liquid handling, industrial and general use.

Weight: 50g

Microporous Coveralls with hood & boot to a case.

Sizes:L XL 2XL3XL 4XL

The white microporous Coveralls also have elastic wrists and ankles, hood and front zipper closure for comfortable wearing. These puncture resistant overalls are ideal for general purpose, maintenance, automotive manufacturing, woodworking, painting/spraying, food processing and inspection applications.

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